Thursday, April 30, 2020: APRIL NEWSLETTER IS RELEASED + KCA Plyometric Routine

Click here to view the April KC Athletics Newsletter!

Today's activity is a great workout to reference at anytime: KC Athletics Plyometric Routine. It takes 35-40 min and is broken up into 5 rounds. Repeat each round TWICE! This workout is medium impact and focuses on strength and explosiveness. Click the link below to find this routine.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020: PLAY ON INTERVIEW + 10 MInute soccer cardio blast

Today we released the sixth Play On Interview with Techne Futbol Creator, former professional player and NWSLPA Executive Director, Yael Averbuch. Check it out.

As for today's activity, it is also from Yael! It is the 10 Minute Soccer Cardio Blast from her Youtube Channel. All you need is a ball for this workout that works on both skills and conditioning.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020: Trick Tuesday via 7mlc - Flick Up Skills

A few weeks ago, the activity was to have a go at mastering some of these freestyle juggling tricks from 7mlc. Today's is another form of tricks - flicking the ball up into the air to get started juggling! Watch this video "15 Easy Flick Up Skills Tutorial" also from 7mlc and work on the different ways to get the ball off the ground and work on your juggling! When you have one down, combine it with your freestyle tricks!

Send us your videos to and have fun with it!

Monday, April 27, 2020: Fitness Via Nike Training Club App

Today's activity is via the Nike Training Club App. Search "The Fast Forward" for this workout inspired by Alex Morgan (created by Dan Schuck).

This workout is good for agility, athleticism, core conditioning and total body endurance.

"I'm working to build my first-step speed. Be explosive and deliberate with every jump to get the most out of it." - Alex Morgan


Grab your parents or siblings! Here are 11 different drills for you to do with a partner. Click the link below to access the document with all 11 linked videos demonstrating the drills. Perform each drill for 2 min then rest. Go through 2-3 times!


THURSDAY, April 23, 2020: Cruyff Outside Touch + KEEP SENDING US YOUR FAVORITE MOVES!

When working on the Cruyff Outside Touch, you may need to start slow to get the correct movement down before increasing your speed. Once you have mastered this move, incorporate another one from a previous video, like the Cruyff Pull Across!

We still want to see FAVORITE soccer moves!

Take a video working on your favorite move and tell us WHY it is your favorite! Send your videos to us at or on social media. Let's see some skills!


Today we released the fifth Play On Interview with University of Kansas Women's Soccer Head Coach, Mark Francis. Check it out.

As for today's activity, take a video working on your FAVORITE soccer move and tell us WHY it is your favorite! Send your videos to us at or on social media. Let's see some skills!

TUESDAY, April 21, 2020: 1 Mile Walk or Run

Today's activity is to get outside and enjoy the weather! Go for a 1 mile walk or run around your neighborhood (keeping a safe distance from others) OR walk or run laps around your house or yard!

If you want an extra challenge, time yourself and see if you can improve your time later this week!

Once complete, work on your daily juggling! Send videos to of the work you do today!


Monday, APRIL 20TH, 2020: KC Athletics Roll Side to Side

When working on this drill, go side to side and try to avoid moving forward. You want to move as if you are on a straight line.

Increase speed as you go and incorporate some of the other footwork that we have introduced in prior videos!

FRIDAY, APRIL 17TH, 2020: FITNESS FRIDAY - 7x4 Cone Drills

For these 7x4 Cone drills, you will need two to four cones OR anything around the house you can use as "markers" and a soccer ball.

You don't need much space, so these drills can be performed inside or outside. You can reference these drills individually at any time too!

Do each drill for 2 min with 15 seconds of rest between. Repeat all seven drills 2-3 times depending on fitness level.

Click the PDF below to access all 7x4 Cone Drills with videos!


Today's workout comes from the Nike Training Club App. Search "Pitch Perfect Abs" in the app, this is a Nike workout inspired by USWNT Team player, Julie Ertz!

Who has a juggling update OR new skill to show off?! Spend some time today working on any type of juggling trick and send your videos our way!


Today we released the fourth Play On Interview with Houston Dash midfielder, Haley Hanson. Check it out.

As for our activity, it is a continuation of the 1-Touch Volleys introduced on Monday. You will need a partner(s) for this drill as well. Use your juggling techniques to touch the ball from one foot to the other before kicking it back to the server. Make sure your ankles are locked and your toes are pointing down. Contact is always made with the shoe laces!



Today's activity can be found in the Nike Training Club app!

Search "Brilliant Speed" in the app to find this workout by FC Barcelona! No equipment is needed for this, just some open space in your backyard or basement!

This workout is good for agility, lower body endurance, quickness and sport performance. 

Monday, April 13th, 2020: Laces 1-Touch Volleys

We are starting this week off with laces 1-touch volleys! You will need a partner(s) for this drill so grab your parents or siblings to toss you the ball!

Be sure to lock your ankles and rotate quickly between the two sides.

If you only have one person to toss you the ball, alternate feet each time and stay on your toes.

Friday, April 10th, 2020: FITNESS FRIDAY VIA Nike TRaining Club App - Full Body Hustle

Today's Fitness Friday is a full body, high intensity workout via NTC.

Make sure you have downloaded the FREE Nike Training Club app then search "Full Body Hustle".

No equipment is needed. This workout from Nike focuses on agility, conditioning, full body endurance and quickness. Be sure to modify for your fitness level if needed.

Thank you, Nike, for providing these awesome resources!

Thursday, April 9th, 2020: 2 Cone Drill + Wear something Blue to be a part of #LightItBlue

Today's activity is the 2 Cone Drill but don't worry if you don't have cones at home, grab anything you can use as a marker! Start slow and increase speed only when you feel comfortable.

We also encourage everyone to be a part of the #LightItBlue movement by wearing something blue today. Tonight at 8:00pm, communities across the country will light their colors blue to thank all healthcare and essential workers that are working on the front lines of this crisis. Read the letter from our local teams Sporting KC, Chiefs and Royals here.

Wednesday April 8th, 2020: PLAY ON INTERVIEW + QUICK CORE IN NTC APP

Today we released our 3rd Play On interview with special guest, USWNT Coach, Vlatko Andonovski! Find the Q&A at the link below.

As for training, today's exercise is from within the Nike Training Club App! Monday was legs, today is core! Search "Quick Core Crush" when you get into the app.

This workout requires no equipment and is about 10 minutes. Combine with some touches on the ball outside in this nice weather!

Tuesday, April 7th, 2020: KC Athletics Juggling Trick Challenge: 360 Spin

Here's a fun trick to work on adding into daily juggling: a 360 spin!

Send your videos to

**Be sure to check out the FREE Nike Training Apps posted yesterday too!

Monday, April 6th, 2020: Lower Body Fitness via the Nike Training Club App

In case you missed it, Friday Huw forwarded an email from our uniform partners, Nike, explaining the resources available to everyone FREE of cost during this time.

Two of the items included that we think can be especially beneficial for our players are:

Nike Running Club App

Nike Training Club App

Now for today's activity, it is the "Lower Body Build & Burn" in the Nike Training Club App! Once you have downloaded the app, search the workout exactly by name.

This workout should take about 25 minutes. Take the workout at your own pace; remember quality over quantity as you are performing the exercises.

Dumbbells are recommended for a few exercises, but don't worry if you don't have any...find a substitute around your house like water bottles or skips the weights!

**Let us know if you try other workouts that you like within the apps! Oh and don't forget about that daily juggling!

Friday, April 3rd, 2020: FITNESS FRIDAY - 10-Stop Circuit Training

For this circuit training, you will need two cones OR anything around the house that you can use as "markers" and a soccer ball. 

You don't need a lot of space, so this circuit can be performed either inside or outside!

The goal is to work in short, sharp spurts. The focus is on quickness and anaerobic fitness. Do each exercise for 30 seconds with 15 seconds of rest between. Complete the 10-Stop Circuit 3x total!

Click the PDF below to access the full circuit training with linked videos showing each exercise. 

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020: Cruyff Pull Across

This move may seem complicated at first, so be sure to start slow until you feel comfortable with it! 

Begin with your dominant foot, then switch over to using your weaker foot once you have mastered it.

Can you begin mixing the different moves that we have introduced? Send us a video when you do!


Today we released our 2nd Play On Interview with the voice of Sporting KC play-by-play, Nate Bukaty!

If you haven't chosen a game to analyze yet, or would like to to do another, consider choosing one that was commentated by Nate!

Here's an old one, but a great one...the 2015 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup Semifinal in KC: Sporting Kansas City Vs. Real Salt Lake!