Tuesday, March 31, 2020: Continuous Step Over Side to side + NEW Spiritwear Design Competition Introduced

The continuous step over side to side is a lot like the  continuous side to side scissors that was introduced last week. Really try to emphasize your movements and practice the move as you would take this into a game!

Now that we have team zoom practices, spend some time on these moves on your off days when you have some down time or when you finish up with practice. It's always great to get extra touches in!

KC Athletics spiritwear logo design competition info

We know that everyone is spending a bit more time at home than we are used to...so, we want YOU to come up with our next KC Athletics spiritwear design! Click the link below for more info.

Monday, March 30, 2020: Juggling Freestyle Tricks + Family Tik Tok Challenge!

Here are some fun activities to start off the week, send in your videos all week long!

1. Take a look at this freestyle juggling tricks video from 7mlc - have a go mastering the different tricks and send us your videos!

2. Family Tik Tok Challenge: this challenge is running all week! Check out the video from Huw and his family, let's see yours! Get creative, KCA families! Choose any song and any dance.

Email videos to KCAHometraining@gmail.com!

Most of all, have fun!!

CLUB-WIDE ACTIVITY: Complete by Saturday, April 4th.

This week, we have a club-wide activity for all KC Athletic players to do: watch and analyze a soccer game by Saturday. Send your analysis to your coaches via email!

We are asking all players 10 and under to watch a professional (any league) or national team game and answer the following:
1. Who was playing
2. 4-5 things that you liked about the game
3. 1 or 2 things you did not like about the game

We are asking you to watch at least one game and to analyze the play of one player who plays in your position. Below are tips on how to analyze a soccer match!

Watching high caliber games can be enjoyable for the soccer fan and it can also raise your soccer IQ. Have fun with this ⚽️⚽️

FRIDAY, March 27, 2020: Fitness Friday "Square of Death"

To prepare, set up a square and be sure to adjust the size and number of reps each time to your age/fitness level. If you don't have as large of a space available, you can increase the number of laps around a smaller square.

In one corner of the square, add a small gate where you will always enter and exit the square through!

This drill is a great way to work on fitness as it combines circuit training + running into one - good luck!


Download the key here and reference the video below if needed!

Thursday, March 26, 2020: Inside/Outside 2-Footed

This move is similar to the inside/outside move that we worked on last week. You can start by warming up with the single foot inside/outside, then switch to today's move where you move the ball from one foot to the other. Start out slow and increase speed as you become more comfortable!

Agility, ball control and ball comfort are key components of this drill.

Also, keep sending us parent/child challenge submissions, the challenge is still on!

*Don't forget your daily juggling* Let's hear some updates on those records!

Wednesday, March 25, 2020: PLAY ON INTERVIEW + Circuit Training

Today we released our new Play On Interview series - check out the first Q&A with USWNT and NWSL Player, Becky Sauerbrunn!

Also, today is a repeat of the Circuit Training from Monday. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced options as before - remember quality over quantity as you work through the exercises and build up your fitness levels!

*Don't forget your daily juggling*


Tuesday, March 24, 2020: TRIVIA + PARENT/CHILD CHALLENGE

Today we have some World Cup Trivia and a Parent/Child Challenge!

We have 3 versions of the World Cup Trivia: Hard, Medium and Easy. Try to answer as many as you can without looking up answers!

We will post the answer keys tonight at 7:00pm. Then let us know how you did! 

As for the Parent/Child challenge, it is a heading contest! Huw and his son Tommy are the people to beat. The first person that sends in a video with more than 76 wins a Nike soccer ball. Let's see those videos - the challenge is on!

Post your videos in the comments on social media OR direct message them to us - the videos may be too long to email!



Today is both circuit training + working on a new move to start off the week!

The circuit training is similar to last week with additional exercises added in. You should do the same circuit today and Wednesday to work on building up your fitness. We have broken the circuit training down again into beginner, intermediate and advanced so you can decide which you feel is best for your fitness level! 

The move is the continuous side to side scissors. This move will help you work on being agile - be sure to use your shoulders while you are working on this as you want to be able to fake out your defender when you take this move into a game!

*Don't forget your daily juggling*


Back to working on our fast footwork, today’s move is the “touch touch rollover”. Start out slow to get the technique down before increasing your speed. As you improve, try integrating the move with your normal ball dribbling technique.

Challenge: Once you feel comfortable with the drill, time yourself for one minute counting each time you roll the ball over to the other foot. Keep track and challenge yourself to increase the number over time! Make sure you are using the proper technique though, don't speed up too fast. As we said yesterday, quality over quantity!

Oh and don’t forget your daily juggling!

Reminder: send us your videos of home training - we are going to start posting tomorrow! Email KCAHomeTraining@gmail.com & tag us on social media!

Thursday, March 19, 2020: Circuit Training - BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED OPTIONS

We are breaking the daily sessions up today with some fitness/strength training.

Circuit training is a good way for younger athletes to improve their core fitness. We will be performing a variety of exercises in a short time span. The variations will work different muscle groups and will combat potential boredom.

Remember to place your emphasis on proper technique rather than speed.

If you are the competitive type, record your reps in each exercise so that you can track your weekly improvements. Remember though - quality over quantity!

Oh and don’t forget your daily juggling session!

Wednesday, March 18, 2020: Outside/Roll Over + INSIDE/OUTSIDE FAST FOOTWORK

We continue to progress today with our “outside/roll over” move. This move will help you change directions at speed.  Just like the last two days, make sure you are working on both feet and spend at least 30 minutes on this move.

As you get better, try to combine this move with yesterday’s inside/outside move.  Alternate from inside/outside to outside/roll over in one fluid motion.

Oh and don’t forget your daily juggling session!

TUESDAY, MARCH 17, 2020: Juggling & Inside/Outside Fast Footwork

This inside/outside drill will help with your fast footwork and agility.  Get out a timer and work a minimum of 1 minute on each foot and repeat multiple times. Challenge yourself to increase your speed as you go. Eventually, work to move side to side without moving the ball forward.

Again, spend at least 30 minutes on this.  When done correctly, these drills will help with conditioning too.

Combine the inside/outside move with a continuation of yesterday's juggling activity.  What's your record now?


MONDAY, MARCH 16, 2020: Juggling

We are starting with the basics - juggling! We suggest you work on juggling every day. If your record is 4, go for 5. If it's 40, go for 41. Can you get to 100+ feet-only juggles eventually?