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KC Athletics ECNL Open House Recap

By Gigi Gray, 05/15/18, 9:15PM CDT


KC Athletics Open House Recap

Find all of the information presented at the Open House on our ECNL program below. 

Q. Why ECNL?

A. When choosing to transition from DA to ECNL, we thought of all of the opportunities each league provides. The DA is a very good program, it is just not ideal for our club.

What we like about ECNL:

  • Allows for High School play.
  • Has a less strict substitution rule (once subbed a player cannot go back in until the next half, DA rule is for the whole game)
  • Access to National Showcases
  • The travel distances will be less, therefore more affordable. 

Q. What is the goal of ECNL?

A. To change the landscape of elite women’s soccer in the USA.

Q. What is our Goal as a club?

A. While we have many, our overall goal is to provide the best experience. We recognize that this may be different for different players based on circumstances and we want to adjust to that.

  • We want to be the club that is known for providing college opportunities for our players.
  • We don’t just want to be an ECNL club, we want to be a high level ECNL club.

Q. What age groups will compete in ECNL?

A. 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001/00

Q. What will our ECNL competition structure look like?

A. All ECNL teams will participate in conference play. Younger teams will play more conference games due to a lack of high school season. Some ages are required to participate in National Showcases as well. See below.


We will play in the Midwest conference.

Approximate Number of Conference Games:

2006:  20 games

2005:  20 games

20004: 12 games

2003: 12 games

2002: 12 games

2001/00: 12 games


Number of Showcases required:

2006: optional

2005: optional

2004: 2 mandatory

2003: 3 mandatory

2002: 3 mandatory

2001/00: 1 mandatory

If the team qualifies for post-season play, that is mandatory as well.

Q. Who is on the ECNL Technical Staff?

A.  Huw Williams: Executive Director

     Goran Huniak: Director of Coaching

     Vlatko Andonvski: Technical Director

Q. Who are the ECNL coaches?

A. 2006: Huw Williams / Nico Cakarevic

    2005: Lucas Rodriguez / Mike Cleary

    2004: Stefan Stokic / Nia Jensen

    2003: Brad Childers / Chris Thompson

    2002: Vasil Ristov / Troy McKerrell

    2000/2001: Goran Karadzov / Lucas Rodriguez / Vasil Ristov

*1st coach listed will be the ECNL coach; 2nd coach will be our Academy Premier Coach who will train adjacent to the ECNL teams.  In the 00/01 age group we will have an 00/01 team playing ECNL, a 2001 team playing USYSA National League, and 1 00/01 team playing the new USYSA MRL.

Q. What will the roster size be?

A. 16-18 players

Q. What are the training expectations?

A. Teams will practice 3x per week. 2 practices will be held at Wyandotte and 1 practice will be held at Swope.

Q. What GK training can goalies expect?

A. Specialized goalkeeper training will be available at the start of all ECNL practices and 1 practice per week will be dedicated just to train the keepers. The GK coach will be announced shortly. 

Q. What travel procedures will be followed?

A. Players and families will travel under their own accord.  Players will be expected to arrive at hotel in time for a team meeting.

Q. What are the costs?

A. The cost for ECNL is similar to what other high level teams playing in other leagues such as MRL would pay.

2006 & 2005: $2300

2004 & Older: $2000 plus showcases

These prices include:  

  • ECNL Annual Fee
  • Player registration and insurance
  • Coaching fees
  • Outdoor training facilities
  • Outdoor game field rentals
  • Referee fees
  • 2 Events: 1 local & a Showcase/State Cup
  • Indoor training facilities
  • Futsal league fees

      These prices do not include:  Coaches travel for  league play, tournaments or Showcases(including coach travel expenses) above the 2 included events.

Q. If my child does not make the ECNL team, what are the other options?

A. There are still great opportunities within KC Athletics on an Academy Premier team or Champions Academy team that plays in either the National League or MRL or appropriate levels in local leagues. There is also opportunity to move up as your child improves.

Q. What are the levels of the KC Athletics Player Pathway?

A. There are six levels in the player pathway:

I. Futures

II. Region

III. Championship Academy Teams

IV.Championship Teams

V. Academy Premiere

VI. Academy Elite

*Find more information on the Player Pathway here.

2018 ECNL Tryout Dates

2018 ECNL Tryout Dates


Age # of Conference Games # of Showcases Coach
2006 20  Optional Huw Williams
2005 20 Optional Lucas Rodriguez
2004 12 2 Steffan Stokic
2003 12 3 Brad Childers
2002 12 3 Vasil Ristov
2001/00 12 1 Goran Karadzov


ECNL Midwest Conference Teams:

1.Eclipse Select SC – Chicago
2. SLSG – St. Louis, Mo.
3. SLSG – Collinsville, Ill.
4. Michigan Hawks - Detroit
5. Vardar SC - Detroit
6. FC Wisconsin - Milwaukee
7. Elite Girls Academy – Omaha
8. Minnesota Thunder – Minneapolis

Find more info on ECNL's Website:


Contact: Huw Williams, KC Athletics Executive Director