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RICHMOND, VA (March 4, 2021) – In conjunction with the launch of the ECNL Boys Heartland Conference, the league is thrilled to announce the creation of the Heartland Conference in the ECNL Regional League, including the following clubs: KC Athletics, KC Fusion, Lou Fusz Athletic, Puma FC, Sporting Blue Valley, Sporting Springfield and Sporting St. Louis.

These clubs have committed to making the ECNL Regional League - Heartland the top competition platform for their top teams at all age groups. The addition of seven new clubs and a new conference will add to the league’s competition and talent pool, while also continuing to fulfill the ECNL’s mission to Raise the Game across the country. Since its inception, the ECNL has supported the nation's top clubs as they develop the next generation of college and professional stars.

“It’s extremely exciting to announce the formation of the Heartland Conference for the ECNL Boys Regional League,” said ECNL Boys Commissioner Jason Kutney. “By forming a Regional League conference to complement the formation of the new Heartland Conference at the club level, we continue to build a great soccer foundation in the center of the country. Consisting of top teams from these clubs, the Regional League - Heartland will be a true proving ground offering potential advancement opportunities to the ECNL Club Competition based upon performance. Welcoming these clubs into the ECNL marks an important step forward, elevating the competitive level of the league and providing the best resources to more players." 

BOYS ECNL Regional League Open Training

Age Day/Date Time Location
2009 Boys Mondays April 26 and May 17 6:00-7:15 pm Garmin Olathe Soccer Complex Field 8
2008 Boys Mondays April 19 and May 3 6:45-8:00 pm Compass Minerals Sporting Complex Field 3
2007 Boys Mondays April 19 and May 3 5:15-6:30 pm Compass Minerals Sporting Complex Field 3
2006 Boys Thursdays April 15 and May 6 6:45-8:00 pm Compass Minerals Sporting Complex Field 4
2005 Boys Wednesdays April 21 and May 12 6:45-8:00 pm Compass Minerals Sporting Complex Field 4
2003/4 Boys Mondays April 19 and May 10 5:15-6:30 pm Compass Minerals Sporting Complex Field 4



KC Athletics will join the ECNL Boys Regional League for the 2021-2022 season with the goal of providing the highest level of competition for our Academy Elite teams.  Click here for more information about ECNL Boys Regional League.


The ECNL is the nation’s leading youth soccer development platform. The ECNL respects and celebrates the unique individuality of every youth soccer player and club, supporting and enabling them to unleash their unfettered passion and fierce tenacity in striving to achieve their potential.

The ECNL mission to Raise the Game is a total commitment to create the best possible environment for players, coaches, referees and administrators, with a determination to constantly question convention and challenge the status quo in youth sports.

The ECNL Commitment: We will lead, set our eyes on new horizons, and pursue them relentlessly. Born out of the belief in a better way. Continued in the ever-evolving pursuit of excellence.

Goran Hunjak, Boys' Academy Director

“Our club is excited to be accepted into the ECNL Regional League - Heartland and be given the opportunity to play in the most recognized youth soccer league in the US,” said Goran Hunjak, KC Athletics Boys Academy Director. “This league will give our young players great opportunities and challenges by competing in one of the highest youth levels in our country. ECNL Regional League - Heartland is a great platform to prepare players who desire to play beyond youth soccer. This is a major step for growing our club into one of the best in the Midwest.”

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