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Still looking for a team?

Our KC Athletics Family still has room to grow in some age groups.  Please complete the link below and a director will reach out to you shortly.


Registration Tips for KC Athletics Teams

(non-ECNL teams)

  1.  Take a head shot photo of your player (Passport Style photo, please).
  2. Locate your child’s birth certificate and scan it to your computer or take a photo and email it to yourself.
  3. Go to and click on “Register Here” in the upper right hand corner.
  4. Make sure you have located your team’s Player Pathway Description AND team name (should have been emailed by your coach or team admin).  If you register to the wrong team, we will need to refund your payment and have you re-register, so please choose your team name carefully05 players will need to choose between HS (High School) and Non-High School (8th grade) when they choose the team.  High School players pay less (only an 8 month year).
  5. Follow the steps to complete registration.  Have your credit card handy to make payment and / or set up a payment plan. 
  6. Sports Engine Registration does not work well on a phone.
  7. Google Chrome is the preferred browser. If you are having trouble in 1 browser, try another one.
  8. When you enter the payment section of the registration process, you will see that you can insure your registration through AIG.  This is a service offered by a 3rd party and is NOT offered by the club.  It is similar to flight insurance.  Please read carefully about the insurance and then decide if you want to purchase.  The club cannot issue refunds for any insurance purchased through AIG since it is a 3rd party vendor.
  9. If you leave any required lines blank, SE will kick out the photo / birth certificate you have loaded until you complete each required line and re-upload the photo/ birth certificate.  The player section has 2 columns of questions.  Be sure to answer both columns or it will kick out your photo and birth certificate.
  10. Sibling Discounts:  The $100 discount for 2nd and subsequent siblings will be applied as a refund to the payment method on file.  These refunds will be issued during the month of November.  Siblings must all be registered, competitive players in good standing to be eligible for the discount.
  11. Scholarship Applications:  To apply for a scholarship, go to and complete the scholarship application.  You will need a copy of the first 2 pages of your 2018 tax return.  After completing the scholarship application, email  Kenda will issue you a code to use for registration.  Once you have this code, you can then go to, click on Register Here and use the code you have been given to enter as your method of payment. 
  12. Payment arrangements for players with more than 1 household responsible for payment:  If your player will have 2 separate individuals responsible for their payment plan, please contact your area admin (listed below) for a code that you will use during registration.  Once you have this code, you can then go to, click on Register Here and use the code you have been given to enter as your method of payment.  You will then be invoiced separately for the amount due.  You will need to communicate to your area admin, the payment arrangements (as in each parent 50%, or one parent 70% and the other 30%, etc). 
  13. If you need help with the actual registration itself (i.e. passwords, log-in info, merging accounts, etc), please contact Sport’s Engine’s help desk at


Contact your area administrator below!


Academy Area Admin Jenn Libeer Email
ECNL Area Admin Kenda Childers Email
East Area Admin Christina Trober Email
North Area Admin Amy Chadwell-Jones Email
South Area Admin Amy Cramer Email
West Area Admin Amy Cramer Email

It's Time to Register for the 2019-2020 Season


The 2019-2020 scholarship applications have now closed. If you would like more information on scholarships, please reach out to Kenda Childers.

ECNL Player Registration--Coming Soon!

2019 Fall Pre-Competitive Program Registration is now open

Not quite ready for the full competitive experience but want to bridge the gap between recreational and competitive-level soccer? Our Pre-Competitive program is for you! Click here for more info or register below.